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​The Ultimate Off-Road Adventure with Surprise Special Celebrity Guests

AUGUST. 25-29, 2024

Since 2016, former Dirt Rider magazine editors Ken Faught and Mark "Kato" Kariya have been working to build the world’s best high-end, ultimate, dual-sport adventure, and we are ready for our fourth-annual event. Park City 2024 — The Bucket List Ride will be an ultra-exclusive motorcycle adventure in Northern Utah with Guy Cooper and Mark Kariya. Everything about this ride is special, from the world-class guest riders, and support staff, all the way to the log home which has been called one of the Top 15 Log Cabins in the World. 

     This ride will have two guides (A guide for A & B-level riders and one for a C-level riders. Park City 2024, a guided dirt bike tour, will be an experience that will overwhelm the senses, tantalize the imagination and provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Speed and Sport Adventures House 3
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This guided motorcycle ride is an exclusive event for a few dozen riders. This is a high-end event, and the its only $3295-3995 per person. We want people to ride their own street-legal dual-sport bikes since that's where most people are comfortable, although we can help arrange bikes if necessary. Park City 2024, The Bucket List Ride will include amazing scenery and some riding tips from champion racer Guy Cooper, along with photos and video of your adventure. That’s right, the award-winning Mark Kariya and Ken Faught—names you've seen in magazines like Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike, Cycle News, Australasian Dirt Bike and Racer X for over 25 years—will be shooting photos of each rider to create lasting personal memories for each participant. It’s one of the many reasons this will be the number one on- and off-road motorcycle tour in the United States and one of the top 10 dirt bike tours in the world, fourth time out.

“Such a talented group of people working on an amazing adventure.” 

Justin Shantie —Adam Cianciarulo’s Factory Monster Energy Kawasaki mechanic

"I love Park City, Utah, and have no doubt this ride will be talked about for years."

 -Ashley Fiolek– 4-Time AMA Women's Motocross Champion

So, who will attend this event? We expect an eclectic group of business owners, executives, doctors, lawyers, celebrities and serious fans of the sport. The price itself should be an indication that we expect quality, successful people who enjoy the finer things in life. Vanessa Zito of Speed & Sport Adventures, LLC will oversee all of the details and will be your host for

     Participants in Park City 2024 — The Bucket List Ride will also be placed on special VIP priority list for future rides. That means they will have the first opportunity for Speed & Sport Adventures' next event, and if someone cancels, they will have an opportunity to bring a friend before we open it up to the general public. 


-Surprise Special Celebrity Guests - In the past our tours have 

included championship racers Destry Abbott, Grant Langston,

Guy Cooper, Rodney Smith and Mason Klein. We plan to have 

at least two celebrity riders at our 2024 event.

-Mark Kariya — world-famous off-road photojournalist/former

editor for Dirt Rider, Cycle News, 4-Stroke Dirt Bikes

-Ken Faught — 3-time Motorcycle Land Speed Recor

Holder/former Dirt Rider magazine chief editor

Mark Kariya SSA
Speed & Sport Adventures Ken Faught president.jpeg
Cooper 2.jpg


-Vanessa Doleshal — Entrepreneur / Designer / Model /

Nationally Ranked BMX racer / Adventurer

-Danielle Gornik - Model / Semi-Sober Traveler

-Erin Gornik - Model / Semi-Sober Traveler

-Cindy Gornik - World Traveler

-Kaylee Rish - Customer Service Expert



This massive four-story “log cabin” which will serve as our base camp. The lodge is more like a mini resort with an indoor pool, hot tub, game room, chef’s kitchen, etc. It sits on over 10 acres and is able to sleep 60 people.  This is a high-end adventure and all rooms are assigned on a first-signup, first-served basis. Oh yeah, there are also 16 restrooms! Click here for a video tour with Vanessa Zito of the house.

Speed and Sport Adventures House 5
Speed and Sport Adventures House 12
Speed and Sport Adventures House 20
Speed and Sport Adventures House 22
Speed and Sport Adventures House 14
Speed and Sport Adventures House 19
Speed and Sport Adventures House 9
Speed and Sport Adventures House 16
Speed and Sport Adventures House 1
Speed and Sport Adventures House 17
Speed and Sport Adventures House 2
Speed and Sport Adventures House 8

"No one knows adventures like these guys!"

David Kamo - 2-Time ISDE Gold Medalist  / AMA West Hare Scrambles Champ / Baja 1000 Winner

 “I have had Mark Kariya do the Team SRT photo shoot for the past five years and he is the perfect guy! He excels at getting the perfect shot when the race is on the line.  I can’t wait to see him take this new Dual-Sport Adventure to a new level. He’ll make all of the riders look like Pros!

-Craig Thompson - Owner, SRT


Our goal is to create an amazing experience for all, and we have worked to find the ideal balance to achieve that. Mark Kariya and Ken Faught are arguably the two most-traveled professional off-road motorcycle journalists in the world. They have done off-road motorcycle tours in Peru, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Senegal, and Chile. Separately, they have ridden in 40 of the United States plus Australia and several countries in Europe.

"Although we love international travel, we wanted to create something that avoided the complication of needing a passport to have fun," Faught explains."Our goal is to make it simple for people to have the absolute best of the best, and we found that in Park City."


There are three options for riders to choose from for 2024:

$3995 for bed in the main house / Timber Moose Lodge

$3495 cot space in the main house / Timber Moose Lodge

$3295 for a bed in a remote house


DAY 1  | August 25


  • 4:30 - Arrive at the lodge/basecamp followed by a welcome reception with dinner and drinks along with a group meeting.


DAY 2  | August 26


The first day of riding starts at 8:30AM and will be filled with exploring the beautiful surrounding lakes and sights. Lunch will be enjoyed trailside with dinner and activities held back at the lodge. We expect to have a wide variety of activities that include cornhole, horseshoes, table tennis, volleyball and basketball in the pool. Then again, simple relaxation and bench racing is also not only invited but encouraged.


DAY 3 | August 27


We will leave the basecamp around 8:30 A.M. and ride about 50 miles to lunch. Lunch will be served at a VIP location by our friendly and detail-oriented team. Following lunch we will ride toward the lodge, approx. 75 miles, and shower and relax before dinner and mingling with your fellow riders! There's also going to be another surprise, but we won’t tell anyone until it actually happens. 


DAY 4 | August 28


This ride starts at 8:30 A.M. and will take the group all around town and the surrounding areas. It will be followed by BBQ dinner and "last hurrah" at the lodge. This should be an epic evening full of activities, bench racing and building memories.


DAY 5 | August 29


  • 8:00 A.M. — Farewell breakfast

  • 10:00 A.M. — Checkout 





Eddy Alkhalil




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