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Singletrack – a narrow section of trail, so narrow that only one dirt bike can fit in the space, not two motorcycles side-by-side.

Two-track – A section of trail wide enough for two motorcycles to ride side-by-side.

Two-stroke – A type of engine design that requires oil to either be premixed with the gasoline, or two-stroke oil added to an oil injector that automatically mixes the oil and gas.

Four-stroke – A type of engine that is more complicated than a two-stroke and uses intake and exhaust valves.

GNCC – Acronym for Grand National Cross Country Series, a closed-course off-road race series that takes place in the Eastern part of the United States.

Hare & Hound – These are usually desert races, and they are mostly in the Western part of the United States.

Desert race – A race in the desert, usually a long-distance closed course or a point-to-point race. An example of a point-to-point race is the famous Vegas-to-Reno off-road race.

Hard Enduro – An incredibly challenging and difficult enduro race around a closed course. Speeds are usually lower than a standard endure and it’s much more technically challenging.        

EnduroCross – An enduro run on a man-made course, typically inside a stadium. Courses are usually less than ¼-mile long.

Baja 1000 – A legendary race down the Mexican peninsula of Baja. There is also the Baja 500 and Baja 250 which are shorter versions than the 1000-mile race.

Dakar Rally – The world’s longest rally event that typically runs 16 days.

ISDE – Acronym for International Six-Days Enduro sanctioned by the FIM. This is an off-road race where countries around the world send their top riders to compete for both individual and team medals.

Enduro – A type of off-road event that typically requires time keeping and has a variety of transport sections and special tests. This is considered the pinnacle of off-road racing for dirt bike competition.

Dual Sport – A category of motorcycles that look nearly identical to a motocross or off-road bike, but are license legal for street use.

Adventure bike – A larger displacement motorcycle designed for higher speeds and more street riding than dirt biking, but adventure bikes are capable off-road machines in more mild conditions. Their weight is the single biggest limiting factor.

Motocross vacation – could be a dirt bike tour, off-road family trip, vacation to a motocross race, etc.

Motocross school – Typically some type of one-on-one or group training done in person to make someone a better overall rider. 

Motocross clinic – Same as a motocross school, but typically done as a group.

Motocross Academy – This can be an in-person dirt bike training or an online course

Dirt bike trails near me – off-road motorcycle trails near your physical location. A place for dirt bike day trips, dirt bike outings, dirt bike activities and more.

Dirt bike accessories – Items you can install on your motorcycle either as an add-on item or replacement from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Dirt bike chest protector – similar to body armor for a football player, but designed for dirt bike riding.

Dirt bike gear - Refers to dirt bike clothing from head to toe.

Dirt bike goggles – Dirt bike eye protection that goes over the helmet.

Dirt bike gloves – Special gloves designed specifically for motocross, supercross, enduro, off-road, and the extreme elements of the sport.

Dirt bike graphics – Specially cut graphics that go on a dirt bike, typically over the radiator shrouds/gas tank, front fender, rear fender, etc.

Dirt bike helmet – specially designed helmet for off-road motorcycle use.

Dirt bike hitch carrier – A metal device used for transporting dirt bikes on the back of a vehicle, most commonly seen on the back of motorhomes. Dirt bike hitch carriers typically are mounted into a Type III receiver hitch.

Dirt bike handguards – Typically metal or plastic guards that bolt onto the handlebars designed to protect the clutch lever and brake lever, along with the rider’s hands from impact from objects such as trees, bushes and rocks.

Dirt bike jacket – a specially designed jacket that typically has removeable sleeves to turn it into a dirt bike vest.

Dirt bike jersey – a special long sleeve shirt typically designed for dirt bike competition, dirt bike riding, motocross racing, etc.

Dirt bike stores near me – Typically something people search for online when it comes to dirt bike dealerships or dirt bike shops.

Dirt bike shops near me – Dirt bike shops is just another name for dirt bike stores.

Dirt bike trailer – This can be a flatbed, rail or enclosed trailer for transporting dirt bikes and riding gear.

Used dirt bikes for sale – A typical listing for online motorcycle sales of used motocross bikes or used dual sport bikes.

Mousse – A foam insert that replaces the inner tube of a motorcycle to prevent flats.

Supercross – A form of dirt bike racing on a man-made course with extreme obstacles done in Stadiums. The most-famous form of dirt bike racing, and it’s produced by Feld Entertainment.

Motocross – Dirt bike racing around a closed course.

Arenacross – A race similar to supercross, but on smaller tracks inside smaller venues.

Whisky Throttle – a slang term used when someone can’t control the throttle of their bike and typically ends in a dirt bike crash.

AMA – Acronym for American Motorcyclist Association

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