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Vanessa Doleshal

VP Operations / Co-Founder, Speed & Sport Adventures

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Vanessa Doleshal is one of the most unique women you will ever meet. She comes from a family of competitive BMX racers, a sport that's taken them all over the U.S. for most of her life. She is also one of Ken Faught's best friends and they have traveled the world together for both business and pleasure to places like St. Bart's, St. Martin, Exuma, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii and much more.

     Vanessa graduated from Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies following High School in  Lake Havasu City, Arizona. She then moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism. During the first seven years of her journey she worked at Mandalay Bay Resort, a luxury resort in the MGM Resorts International portfolio, and then eventually transitioned into the online travel curation sector working as an executive for Since 2020, she’s been a full-time entrepreneur and has her hand in many different businesses including travel blogging (, interior design (, advertising, public speaking, modeling, video production and managing her investment portfolio.

     When not traveling or working, Vanessa has a myriad of hobbies including golf, shooting guns, wine tasting, snowboarding, boating, wakeboarding, crafting, home decor, working in the yard, volunteering, hiking, napping, dirt biking, sewing, watercolor painting, sign language, and dance. She also loves hanging with her mom, Donna Munoz. Although Donna may live a state away in Lake Havasu City, they always find a way to do cool stuff together.

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