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Kenda Guntlet Tire

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One of the most challenging, brutal and fastest growing variations of off-road motorcycle racing is hard enduro. This extreme format is designed to push the world’s most elite riders and their equipment to the breaking point. Kenda Tires sent shockwaves through the industry with the introduction of the super soft, extreme traction ibex for the hard enduro segment. Today, Kenda reveals two brand new additions to their hard enduro family.

Kenda’s new Gauntlet and Knarly tires are just what top tier riders have been looking for, and have been built from the ground up to get a grip when it’s needed most on grueling off-road terrain. The new models boast super sticky compounds with extra wide footprints that allow riders to run lower air pressure and conform to most any surface competition riders will face.

An avid racer, Kenda’s Director of Powersports , Jason Baldwin says, “The racers are over the top excited about these new tires. Cody Webb won King of the Moto’s racing on the Knarly and instantly became a believer. We are pumped to be launching such sweet tires for the enduro market.”

The Gauntlet and Knarly will be available in 7 different sizes to suit most riders. Check out the specs and more info at 

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