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1993 Budds Creek USGP Guy Cooper and me
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Tony Blazier is a freelance writer, vlogger and life-long motorcycle enthusiast. Known within the industry as something of a motocross historian, Tony has cultivated a community of nearly 250,000 followers on social media by celebrating the sport’s history through his large collection of classic photos and videos. Since 2012, he’s been a regular contributor at In 2016 he added print media to his résumé by contributing a piece to Meta magazine on former minicycle star Mike Healey. Tony’s YouTube channel, The Motocross Vault, is also a popular destination for enthusiasts looking to broaden their knowledge on a variety of motocross-, off-road- and ATV-related topics.

    While never a professional racer, Tony’s passion for the sport can be seen in his 20 years of amateur motocross competition and nearly 40 years of off-road riding. During that time, he has owned an expansive collection of over 50 off-road machines ranging from motocross racers to dual-sports to ATVs. This has allowed him to bring a bit of firsthand knowledge to his classic bike reviews and helped make his Classic Steel columns on one of the most popular features on the site.

     In 2020, Tony launched The Motocross Vault merch store, and his classic motocross- and off-road-related shirts, stickers and accessories have also proven to be highly popular with fans looking to celebrate the great history of the sport. Currently, Tony’s latest project is a coffee table book chronicling the history of Honda’s two-stroke motocross machines from 1973 through 2007, scheduled to become available in 2021.

     Tony lives in Virginia with his wife, Christine, and their two girls, Hannah and Bailey. And yes, they are named after Bob and David.

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