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Sorenson Motorsports

3 Brothers & Sisters Drifting / Racing Monster Trucks, Motocross & Everything Off-Road

The Sorensen family is no stranger to the action sports world. Eighteen-year-old Amanda Sorensen, 16-year-old Branden Sorensen and nine-year-old Camren Sorensen are second-generation motorsports athletes in the family under their father, Randy Sorensen. Randy is a 20-year veteran of off-road racing who has passed his knowledge, passion and expertise to his kids.

     Though teenagers, Amanda and Branden are both pro motorsports athletes. Being each other's number-one competitor, they've pushed each other to compete at a high level in any challenge they undertake. Amanda and Branden have set the bar high, and for Camren this influence has created a drive that is unbreakable.

     Branden’s racing career started at the age of five when he took his first championship in BMX. It was not long before trophies started appearing on the shelf. In 2011, Branden dominated the track in the kid kart division at the 2-cycle Grand Nationals, taking home the coveted “Screaming Eagle Award” for fastest lap at the event.

     After earning three karting championships and breaking many track records, Randy began to pump up the pace for the kids, further pushing them into the short-course off-road racing, a more competitive level of motorsports. Branden quickly adapted to the new racing environment which grew his publicity. Competitively competing in Mod Karts through three different short-course series, Branden proved his overall skill and professionalism.

     In 2018, Branden’s racing career turned to the growing drifting community. In his rookie year he won the Holley LS Fest West Drift Challenge and also took home the U.S. Drift Championship, becoming the youngest Formula Drift Pro Driver in history at the age of 14.

     When Branden is not burning rubber on the track, he is engineering parts in the shop, flying planes, snowboarding, snowbiking or out on his dirt bike. The countless hours behind the wheel have so far paid off for Branden, and he is determined to be at the top in anything that he does.

Branden’s highlights:

  • 2009, at age 5 placed 6th out of 250 kids from across the nation in USA BMX Grand Nationals

  • 2010, at age 6 broke many long standing track records rookie year of go karting

  • 2011, at the age of 7 Screaming Eagle winner in 2-Cycle Grand Nationals

  • 2012, at the age of 8 became LVKC Rotax Minimax Champion

  • 2012, at the age of 8  became LNKC Rotax Micromax Champion

  • 2013, at the age of 9 2nd in INT Wakeboard Competition

  • 2014, at the age of 9  Arizona World Wake Surfing Champion 

  • 2015-2016, Multiple podiums in Lucas Oil Off Road Short Course Series

  • 2015-2016, Multiple podiums in WORCS Series

  • 2016, at the age of 12 Jump Champs UTV Drift Wall Winner

  • 2018, at the age of 14 Holley LS Fest Drift Challenge Winner

  • 2018, at the age of 14  U.S. Drift Championship Winner

  • 2018, Youngest Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver

  • 2019, Youngest Formula Drift Pro 1 Driver

     Amanda is a proven fierce competitor on and off the track. With her years of racing, she understands not only podiums but the marketing and business side of the action sports industry as well. Amanda’s outgoing and driven personality leaves a lasting impression on her friends and fans.

     Starting her career in BMX, Amanda grew her obsession for the racing atmosphere. Once put behind the wheel of a go kart she dominated her classes taking home two go karting championships and breaking track records.

     Amanda was then pushed into the short-course series, where she won the Unlimited UTV Championship her rookie year in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. That same year and the following year she soon earned multiple podiums in the Lucas Oil Series and WORCS Series dominating her classes.

    When her brother's career veered into drifting, she followed. Her commitment to racing earned her a fast pass into the Formula Drift Series. This made her one of only three licensed females in the series. When Amanda is not drifting she is driving her Trophy trucks or putting on a show in the monster truck. During off season Amanda likes to stay active and work towards other goals. She has a long list of hobbies including figure skating, volleyball, snowboarding, flying planes, dirt biking, snow biking and many more. She is currently a full-time college student, studying construction management. This girl does not stop and is driven to achieve more.  

Amanda’s highlights:

  • 2008 - 2010, Multiple regional & National podiums in BMX racing

  • 2010, 3rd in the CalState Karting Championship 

  • 2011, LVKC Rotax Micromax Champion

  • 2012, 2nd in LVKC Minimax Championship 

  • 2012, 2nd in LVKC Micromax Championship

  • 2012, 1st in Silver State Figure Skating Competition

  • 2013, 3rd in World Wakesurfing Junior Division 

  • 2013, 1st in INT Wakeboard Competition

  • 2016, 2nd in Copper Cup FIgure Skating Nationals

  • 2016, Lucas Oil UTV Unlimited Class Champion

  • 2016-2017, Multiple podiums in WORCS series

  • 2017, SXS World Finals Women’s class Champion 

  • 2018, Top 10 finisher in Mint 400 Trophy Lite class

  • 2018, 4th in The Drift League Championship

  • 2019, Early graduate from high school with an advanced honors diploma

  • 2019, Youngest Formula Drift female at the age of 16

  • 2020, Multiple podiums in go karting

     Camren has proven himself a daredevil following in the footsteps of his older siblings. Trying to keep up with his older siblings has created a drive for him that is unbreakable. Camren began racing BMX as soon as he could walk, developing a feel for the racing atmosphere. He quickly dove into the motorsports industry, getting his feet wet in UTV racing, go karts and dirt bikes all at once. Camren’s diverse skill set has given him a jump to his motorsports career. Taking podiums left and right at a young age, Camren has a huge future ahead of him in the motorsports industry.

Camren’s highlights:

  • 2020, Multiple WORCS utv podiums

  • 2021, Current LVKC Cadet points leader

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