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Josh Gagnon

Moto Collector / Dirt Bike Racer

Lifelong fan turned mega collector, Josh Gagnon lives for the sport of motocross. Growing up in the town of Southwick, Massachusetts, Josh was always at the track and hasn’t missed a Southwick MX National since 1990, where his love for the sport was born when he watched Jeff Ward race his #3 factory Kawasaki SR250 that day. Ward instantly became Gagnon's heroso much so that he named his first cat Kawasaki.

     Amazingly, nearly 30 years later Josh was able to obtain the exact Jeff Ward jersey that he watched circle the track day, the very one that made him fall in love with the sport!

     Josh raced on the amateur level all across New England during high school and college, where he got a degree in communications. It’s with that degree where he puts his skills learned to best use: networking to grow his jersey collection.

     Gagnon got his very first jersey at the Southwick National in 2000 when Tim Ferry gave him his jersey during morning practice, and the collection hasn’t stopped since. It truly is his passion and favorite hobby.

     These days Josh no longer rides, but he does make it to the Southwick and Unadilla Nationals and at least one Supercross race every year. His collection is up for viewing on Instagram at Alwaysbelieve331.

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