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Catherina Bertolino-Zember

Business Owner / Adventurer / Fitness Champ / Actress / World Traveler / Mom

Speed & Sport Adventures Catherina Zember dirt bike tours
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Speed & Sport Adventures Catherina Bertolino Ken Faught dirt bike tours
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Speed & Sport Adventures Catherina Zember motocross school
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Speed & Sport Adventures Catherina Bertolino helicopter Ken Faught
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Speed & Sport Adventures Catherina Zember Viola Bautista Soda Jerk Shot vodka
Speed & Sport Adventures Catherina Zember Guy Cooper Park City adventure bike tour
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Speed & Sport Adventures Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour, enduro tour, motocross vacations, trail bike ride Catherina Zember Ken Faught
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Speed & Sport Adventures Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour, enduro tour, motocross vacations, trail bike ride Catherina Zember
Speed & Sport Adventures Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour, enduro tour, motocross vacations, trail bike ride Catherina Bertolino Ken Faught Viola Buatista

Catherina Bertolino-Zember grew up on a small farm in Ridgefield, Washington bailing hay, milking cows, feeding chickens, getting eggs from the chicken coop, and enjoying country life. She was a not-so-typical tomboy in every stretch of the imagination, and shot rifles and pistols, and even learned how to operate motorized farm equipment from her dad’s backhoe company at a very young age. Catherina also picked berries and pears from their trees to earn money for the family. It was on the farm she learned to ride horses was taught the values of hard work, something that she attributes to her success today.

After early careers in the dental field, Catherina gained the necessary carpentry certifications and background to start her company Moulding Makeovers. She designed many homes and turned them into exquisite beauty for her clients.

Catherina has accomplished a lot in life, including one of her most-unique qualifications as an instructor who certifies in skid steer, scissor lift, and forklift operation. She has won national bikini fitness titles (proving she’s only part tomboy), acted in commercials, movies, and even a tv series. The dynamic woman Catherina has become enjoys a variety of activities such as flying in helicopters, golfing, riding horses, mountain biking, ziplining, hiking.  She also enjoys riding her Yamaha 125cc dirt bike, water skiing and working out but most of all, her biggest love, spending time in the country.

Her most recent business endeavor was in 2015 with the creation of her woman-owned company, ProSafety, Inc. in southern California. This continued Catherina’s career as a CEO in the oil and gas industry where she supports oil refineries and contractors within with manufacturing of fresh air, and supplying fall protection, rescue crews, and safety supplies for turnarounds and daily maintenance. 

Catherina is a mother of three, and it was through her son Cederique that she met Speed & Sport Adventure’s co-founder Ken Faught in 2008. Cederique raced motocross all around the United States. Catherina helped Faught with a lot of charity events during this time and they have continued their joint fundraising efforts to this day. She brings with her a unique skillset that even includes welding, but make no mistake, this witty tomboy is as comfortable behind heavy power equipment as she is in high heels and an elegant dress. 

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