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AXP is a 21 years old company specialized in off road protection. Starting by making the first radiator guards fitted on 3 points in 1999, we always had in mind to make innovative products and supply quality parts to our customers. Years after years, we grew up and developped our range, our brand, our reputa- tion and today we are in more than 60 countries. Lot of pro riders are using AXP products but we also have lot of customers who write us and whith who we develop the best product they need. Xtrem skid plates, radiator guards, adventure skid plates etc ... All you need to protect your bike rhymes with AXP.

The first Xtrem skid plate has been made some years ago (2008) and developped with pro riders but there was no real interest at this moment as hard enduro races didn’t exist yet. Some years la- ter, around 2016-2017, super enduro and hard en- duro races came out and have become essential! We took our old prototypes out of the drawer, worked on the subject again and then came the real XTREM skid plate which is used by many pro’s and amateurs ! Made of 8mm of high density polyethylene, we are the only company to supply a plastic skid plate as thick as it!

Plastic has lot of advantages, much lighter than alloy, it doesn’t generate any vibration like alloy does. It does not stay deformed after an impact like alloy does and is much resistant and durable than car- bon fiber. By covering the entire frame until the bottom of the footpegs, protecting cases, water pump on the 4 strokes and the linkage, the Xtrem skid plate is definitly the ultimate protection! For more information check out

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