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Travis & Lexi Whitlock

Travis Whitlock SSA
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X-Games Gold Medalist Travis Whitlock is one of the coolest and most talented people you will ever meet. He’s a 14-time NAHA Hillclimb National Champ and once made $60,000 in France with a winning 11-second run. That particular high-speed jaunt up a rough mountain earned him one of his three World Hillclimb Championships.

     Travis was born and raised in Utah and the Whitlock family actually owns a home less than a mile from our base camp (the log cabin lodge), and he knows the area as well as anyone can.

     He’s also an avid snow biker, hunter and outdoorsman. In 2019, he became the President of the North American Hillclimbers Association. Faught and Whitlock have been friends for nearly 25 years, and Faught once sat on the Board of Directors for the very company Whitlock now presides over.

     His wife Lexi is also an off-road rider and has competed in the NAHA Hillclimb Series for several years. Lexi loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter, hiker and backpacker.

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