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The Ultimate Guided Off-Road Adventure

Sept 3-7, 2023

Adventure Bike Park City 2023

Adventure Bike Park City 2023

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Since 2016, former Dirt Rider magazine editors Ken Faught and Mark "Kato" Kariya have been working to build the world’s best high-end, adventure bike ride, and we are ready for our first-ever event. Park City 2023 —  will be an ultra-exclusive motorcycle adventure in Northern Utah led by guides from Utah Enduro Adventures. Everything about this ride is special, from the world-class riding, the special activities and the support staff, all the way to the log home which has been called one of the Top 15 Log Cabins in the World. 

     If you are into Adventure Bike riding, Park City 2023, a full guided motorcycle ride, will be an experience that will overwhelm the senses, tantalize the imagination and provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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This is an exclusive guided motorcycle ride for twenty three, yes 23 people only. This is a high-end event, and the $6200 ($3750 for a shared room) cost should tell you something—that price, by the way, does not include a bike. We want people to ride their own street-legal adventure bikes bikes since that's where most people are comfortable, although we can help arrange bikes if necessary. We do have several rental bikes in our fleet as well that we can arrange through Utah Enduro Adventures. Park City 2023 will include incredible sightseeing, some riding t, along with photos and video of your adventure. That’s right, the award-winning Mark Kariya and Ken Faught—names you've seen in magazines like Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike, Cycle News, Australasian Dirt Bike and