Mary Rinell


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A graduate of MMI (Motorcyclist Mechanics Institute) and a seven-year technician by trade, Mary has worked in many different environments,  from big dealerships to mom-and-pop shops, and from pit crew to trailside repair tech. She has spent most of her life on two wheels, from street to dirt and back again. Briefly put, if it has a motor and the potential to take her places, Mary is the first to agree to just about any adventure! The daughter of a mechanic, oil is simply in her blood. No task is too tall, no hill too steep. If the challenge is there, it is accepted.

     Prior to attending MMI, Mary spent several years working as a marketing director and event coordinator in downtown Seattle. She has an extensive background in project management and event planning, and has worked with many high-end clients on several large-budget operations.

     ​Among the other things, we would be remiss not to mention that Mary has a huge soft spot for animals and has been a regular volunteer at the Humane Society for over 20 years. She currently has three adopted dogs—Wally, Paxton and Neptune—who take up any and all of her free time. She and her fiancé are foster fur parents, and will continue to be part of that community for many years. (Click link above for more information on how you can contribute to your local Humane Society.)

     From the horse's mouth:"I truly believe a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles and so I want to first send out my gratitude to the ones who've offered love and support to me along the way. Thank you first and foremost to my mentor Mark Kariya, and to Ken Faught and Jennifer Emig for believing in me. To my grandma Mary for being my True North. To Mike and Sharie Hurlbert, Mark Koch and several other teams, promoters, businesses and individuals who have supported me over the years. To my life partner Eric, who’s never stopped believing in me; you’ve had my back from day one. Thank you! To the ones who turned me down, thank you for forcing me to become better. And to anyone who has had any doubt, thank you for reminding me I need to believe in myself first.

     "SSA is more than just a concept or an idea. It's about legacy. It is a community. A Speed and Sport Adventure that each and every person has the opportunity to join in on. Now THAT is something that I can get behind, and I am extremely proud to be part of it!"

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